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Therapy Services

Individual Therapy with Adults and Teens

Life can be difficult.  Sometimes we need to deeply process issues from our past and at other times we need a little support or guidance to help us move forward.

My approach to therapy is deeply grounded in honoring the therapeutic relationship.  When people feel safe, they can heal.

I have extensive experience with the following issues:

  • Depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder

  • Life transitions

  • Self-esteem and personal growth

  • Relationships

  • Past or current family issues

  • Sexuality

  • LGBT issues

Couples Therapy

You may look at your partner and wonder where things have gone wrong.  You once felt deep love and connection and now there is distance, irritation.  Primary relationships are an important factor in our happiness and well-being.

Through teaching, skill building and providing a safe space for authentic expression, I have successfully helped many couples reconnect in more meaningful ways.  It is crucial to have a neutral, skilled therapist to help you navigate back toward each other.

(801) 556-7638


You are about to do something very brave. It is my pleasure to accompany you on your quest for a bigger, more fulfilling life. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

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